Move Out of the World of WEBSITES and Into the World of FUNNELS...

How To Take a Normal Website, and 
Turn It Into an Outsized Lead Generating Machine...


At Cougah, we've uncovered the secrets of a marketing genius, Russell Brunson, and have used his platform called ClickFunnels to transform dead websites into powerful marketing tools. Russell pioneered the world of online funnels that has absolutely changed the way websites and online marketing is now being done...

On the Next Page, you are going to discover his marketing secrets. Check it out. You may directly sign up for the free trial on his page, but that's not necessary to start, unless of course, you are a Do-It-Yourselfer. His platform is great for that.

Nevertheless, if you just want to get started right away with your website (really, a funnel): call me at (907) 351-2020; or better yet, click here: Website Intake Form. Fill out the short online form, don't worry, it's not an obligation. Once submitted, we will return you a consulting call to make sure we've a good handle on everything you want to make your online vision come true. I'm excited to get this done for you.

~ Eugene Harnett
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P.S. - You are NOT obligated to purchase ClickFunnels in order for Cougah Online Development Company to build out your website (really, a funnel). Having your own account, however, will increase your ability to do modifications and edits yourself, monitor online activity, and manage engagement of your optins (ie. your new email prospects and customers, those who have given you their email from your optimized funnel)
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